RoboCup Major Leagues

RoboCup@Work League

RoboCup@Work is a league within the international RoboCup competition that focuses on robots and systems designed for industrial and service tasks. The goal of this league is to advance the state of robotics technology for use in real-world applications, such as manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare.

It is the newest league within RoboCup and aims to tackle open research challenges in industrial and service robotics by utilizing proven ideas and concepts from other RoboCup competitions. The RoboCup@Work league is open to both academic and industry teams and is held annually, bringing together teams from around the world to compete in challenges designed to test the capabilities of their robots and systems.

The league also consists of several sub-leagues, each focused on a specific application domain or task, such as the RoboCup@Work Logistics League for robots handling material handling and transportation tasks, or the RoboCup@Work Service League for robots interacting with people and performing tasks like delivering items or providing information. The competition serves as a platform for researchers and engineers to showcase their work and exchange ideas with others in the field.

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