RCAP CoSpace Challenges

RCAP CoSpace Rescue, U19

The CoSpace Rescue Challenge is a competition that focuses on path planning and search algorithms for autonomous robots. In this challenge, two teams compete against each other by developing and programming strategies for autonomous robots to navigate, search, and collect different objects in simulated real and virtual environments.

The challenge involves designing and building robots that can navigate through a course and locate and retrieve specific objects while following predetermined rules and guidelines. The course is designed to simulate real-world rescue scenarios, and may include various types of terrain, obstacles, and other challenges.

The competition is typically held in a series of rounds that culminate in a final event where the top performing teams compete for glory. It is an opportunity for teams to showcase their skills and innovations in the fields of path planning and search algorithms, and to exchange ideas and collaborate with others in the field.

RCAP CoSpace Rescue, U19 is for experienced participants under the age of 19.

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