RoboCup Major Leagues

RoboCupSoccer Middle Size League

RoboCup Middle Size League (MSL) is a category of the international robotics competition, RoboCup, which focuses on soccer. In this category, teams of 5 autonomous robots, ranging in size from 50 cm to 70 cm, compete against each other in a soccer match using a regular size FIFA soccer ball.

These robots are equipped with sensors and actuators to navigate the field, avoid obstacles, and interact with the ball and other objects. The competition aims to promote research in the areas of mechatronics design, control, and multi-agent cooperation at the perception and planning levels.

Teams are required to design and build their own robots, which must be fully autonomous and adhere to size and weight restrictions. The competition serves as a platform for researchers, students, and enthusiasts to showcase their work and exchange ideas in the field of robotics.

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